To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter – many have jumped on the bandwagon. Increasingly, many people feel compelled to publish a blog. But how do you know if a blog is right for your company or for your  product? How do you k now whether or not you should publish or post a blog?

Honestly, a blog is not right for everyone. Let’s be frank – it’s a waste of time for you and your blogger to be writing posts that no one looks at.

First, determine your audience – who will your blog be aimed at? Your current customers, or potential customers? Maybe both. Alternatively, maybe it’s an internal blog aimed at your employees. Maybe you have a different audience entirely.

Next, determine your niche. What will set you apart? People are busy – they need a reason to come to your blog, and to come back. What will make them sign up for your RSS feed? How will you stand out, what fresh content will you provide?

Another question to ask is how often will you post? Is a post needed hourly, daily, or weekly? Maybe you just need a few a month! It’s a fine line between inundating your audience and losing them because you don’t post often enough to be relevant.

Determine your tone. Professional, humorous, serious, informative, personal? There are many choices, and who you are writing to will determine it.

Finally, decide who will write your blog. Will you use someone in-house, or find a freelancer? Do you need someone who is familiar with SEO techniques (yes, even for blog postings)? Or do you just need someone with a fresh writing style, or someone who, frankly, has the time to do it?

Don’t feel bad if you decide not to pursue a blog – it’s not right for everyone. But if you do choose to blog, be sure to plan it out beforehand to ensure you’re on the path to successful posting.

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