What can I do for you? Tons!

As a hospitality copywriter, I know your terminology and speak your language. I know your customer because I AM your customer. 

Take advantage of my specialties:

Strategic Communications Consulting

The right copy only works if it’s delivered via the right medium, at the right time, and to the right people. This is where an expert in strategic communications uses strategy expertise to enhance every single communication you send out. Using expertise gained from over 20 years in communications along with knowledge gained from education, I consult on your overall communications strategy and can even put together a roadmap for you to follow – a strategic integrated marketing communications plan.

Website Content

Using a combination of compelling content and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, I can help your online presence sell your product to your customers.

Sales Pieces
Whether you’re looking for a brochure, flyer, simple sales letter, or multi-page sales letter, I can write you copy that is effective and engaging.

Autoresponders, eNewsletters and Email Campaigns
Email communication, whether via autoresponders, eNewsletters, or an email campaign, is a reminder to your customer.  Written well, it keeps your customers mindful of and engaged in your product or brand, at the forefront of their mind for when they’re ready to book.

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Need more information? Read some more about me or check out some answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. Even better, just contact me and we’ll talk!