School Starts

No matter how old we get or how many years separate us from the last time we sat in a classroom, the fall always seems to bring the promise of a new start. New learning, new opportunities, new commitments, or even recommitments.

September rolls around, we put away the barbeque after Labor Day, and we seem to buckle down into work, refocus, and recommit to our job and whatever projects we’re working on (or that we’ve been avoiding).

For some reason, many of us also take advantage of the fall to learn some new things. Maybe we attend a seminar or a conference, or even go so far as to sign up for a class or two.

Heck, why not. Life’s not worth living if you don’t keep learning new things and taking advantage of new opportunities. So sign up for that conference, attend that seminar, and even take that class. You never know what good it will bring you, both professionally and personally.

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