New Tools

I know many people hate blogs – how can you possibly keep up with them all?   Well, I regularly read a selection from the top marketing and PR blogs (according to Advertising Age and Evan Carmichael) and very often come across some great information and tips.

This week, Duct Tape Marketing has a posting called “The New Marketer’s Toolbox“.  In it, the many new, often free, tools that exist to helpus marketers (any anyone in business, for that matter) are discussed. Some of the ones mentioned are:

  • Google Alerts – like a free clipping service, with the information sent to your e -mail inbox
  • Central Desktop – manage projects, teams, and schedules, and take advantage of the built-in wiki editor
  • Google Reader – a great tool to manage all those blogs you’re reading
  • Jott – great tool for when you’re driving and don’t have a pen handy. Simply use your phone to ‘say’ a message that is then transcribed and e-mailed to you

We’re all looking for tools that will make our life easier, and these sound like they can help!

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