Happy April Fools Day! Love, the travel industry

Each year, the travel industry is notorious for pulling some pretty awesome April Fools Day pranks. Here’s a link to my article on examiner.com, which compiles some of 2014’s. Click on the ones with with URL links to see the commercials, and check out the photos below the list of the non-linked items.

Shuber – a combination of Toms shoes and Uber, the rideshare service, in which you get to wear Toms shoes while walking alongside the driver of a cardboard car.

InstaGogglesClub 18-30 – the InstaGoggles, a beer goggles app.




KayakToiletLocatorjpgKayak – a bathroom locator service.




Southwest Airlines – offering $9,999 roundtrips to Mars.


Kitten-GearREI – did you purchase your kitten adventure gear?




Airbnb – with the introduction of Airbrb, you can now rent someone’s desk.

ManaphinFlorida – a rare sighting of the manaphin, the dolphin/manatee hybrid, off the coast of St. Pete/Clearwater.


Virgin Airlines – a new feature for their airline seats, Total Temperature Control, lets you choose from options such as Cancun Afternoon or Chicago Polar Vortex.

Scotland – cows developing whiskey flavored milk.

Naps-2Google – introduces Google Naps, showcasing spaces where you can take a nap.





Click here for my full article on examiner.com.


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