You Have Questions? I Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Why and How to Hire a Copywriter

Why do I need a strategic communications consultant and copywriter?

  • Results. Writing results-oriented copy is a specialized skill, one that I’ve been trained for, with the experience to back it up. Yes, you’re excellent at what you do, and so am I. Let’s work together to attack your communications strategy and craft compelling copy!
  • Time. You probably have a ton of tasks and projects you’re responsible for. I can take copywriting off your hands and free you up to start tackling everything else on your to do list.
  • Speed. I am deadline-oriented and work quickly yet thoroughly and creatively. While you are focused on all your other tasks, I am only focused on your communications, whether it’s crafting an inspiring strategic integrated marketing communications plan or writing your company website, brochure, sales letters, email campaigns, etc.
  • Fresh Perspective. Often, getting “new eyes” on a project takes it in an unexpected and more effective direction. I provide that fresh perspective to your copy and your overall communications strategy.
  • Value. When you work with me you only pay for excellent communications strategy and copywriting – not for overhead such as a multi-level office, staff, software, transportation, lunches, etc.
  • Dedication. Your project does not go on my back burner. I am dedicated to my goal of providing you with an end result you are ecstatic with.

What can I expect from working with you?

What you expect is what you get – a professional who is passionate about your project, with the experience and expertise to consult on your communications strategy and to write targeted sales-oriented copy that is well-researched and well- thought out. On top of that, you get me – and only my work. I don’t outsource any projects.

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely! While no one can guarantee sales results or customer inquiries, I do guarantee that you’ll get excellent copy and communications strategies from me delivered on time. Plus, if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the first draft, I’ll rewrite your copy until you are happy – up to two times within 15 days of first draft delivery, providing the project scope has not changed.

What are your fees?

I charge a fixed fee for the entire project – I do not charge by the hour. Since every project is different, I can only give you a quote after talking about your project. While talking does not constitute a commitment, only by chatting can I get an idea of what you’re looking for and how much work would be involved. After we talk, I’ll email you a quote and you can decide whether or not to work together on your project.

My project fee includes all the tasks necessary to write your copy, including strategy, research, phone meetings, emails, copywriting, editing and up to two revisions within 15 days of project delivery (providing the project’s scope has not changed).

Please note that I require a 50 percent deposit before I start work on your project, with the remaining project fee due upon project delivery.

How do I hire you? Do I need to sign a contract? Do you ask for money up front?
FAQpulloutOrangeWhat’s great about the ‘digital age’ is that you can be in Timbuktu and I can be in the North Pole and we can still work effectively together. Here’s the typical process:

  1. Free initial consultation. Simply send me an email or fill out my contact form. We’ll then confidentially chat about your project to ensure I have all the necessary information and background for your project.
  2. Confirming the brief and writing a quote. Based on our conversation, I’ll write up a scope of work document that will outline what we talked about – the project scope, including your goals, target market and timeframe – and spell out the project deliverables, deadline and fee. You are not under any obligation to work with me until you email me a signed copy of the quote.
  3. Agree to work together. I require a 50 percent deposit before I start work on your project, with the remaining project fee due upon project delivery. Once I receive the signed quotee and the initial 50 percent deposit, I begin working on your project.
  4. I work on the project. I spend time studying your information, thinking, writing notes and doing additional research. Once I have a thorough understanding of your target audience and how best to position and therefore sell your products or services I begin drafting your plan and/or copy. I may contact you via phone or email if I have additional questions. Once I have a first draft, I’ll spend time editing and polishing it.
  5. Review and revisions. Once I have a draft I am happy with, I email it to you as a Microsoft Word document. You’ll review the piece and provide comments and feedback. I then work on revisions (up to two within 15 days of draft delivery, providing the project scope has not changed) and provide you with a final copy.
  6. Project sign-off. Once you have a piece you want and are ecstatic with, you sign off on the final via email. You then pay the remaining fee, and this particular project is complete.
  7. Future relationship. Rather than doing one-and-done jobs, I prefer to develop a relationship with my clients. Therefore, it is my goal that you are ecstatic with my work and that we both enjoy working together. Hopefully, we will become partners in crafting your strategy and communications starting now and into the future.

Do you do rush jobs?

This is something we would have to discuss. I may be able to fit you in among my other projects to meet your rush deadline – for an increased fee. However, meeting deadlines is very important to me, and something I pride myself on. I will only agree to take on your rush project if I am confident I can do my usual quality work within your specified timeframe.

I only make promises I can keep and only take on work I can deliver.

What if I have any other questions?

You can reach me using the contact form or by contacting me directly.

I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. You are never under any obligation or pressure when we talk or email. In addition, all of our conversations are confidential.


Hopefully I’ve answered all your questions, but, if not, read some more about me or simply contact me!