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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m new to social media marketing (then again, aren’t we all? Seriously, did many people use it last year, or the year before?). Although I’ve been on LinkedIn for a while (thanks, Dean Bakeris!), within the past few months I’ve started blogging (both personally and professionally), have two Twitter accounts (@LauraLaChapelle for me and LaChapelle Communications, and @PRSA_MD for PRSA-MD), and joined FaceBook.

Well, you can only write to the big black void so much before it occurs to you that you  need to start promoting things, or else you’re just writing to yourself. So, I recently experimented with Digg to promote what I’m writing as the Baltimore Triathlon Examiner. Overnight, I had 171 page views (as opposed to just one previously).

Gosh darn, this marketing stuff really works (she says snarkily).

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