Crazy PR and Social Media Requests

TortoiseOnLeashThroughout my career, I’ve had to have many conversations with clients about realistic vs. unrealistic expectations and requests. Even though my first instinct is to say, “I’ll definitely work on that,”, some requests are too impossible and unrealistic (aka crazy) to agree to.

This article from Business 2 Community relates, detailing the Top 10 Craziest PR and Social Media requests. They are:

  1. A client asked for a reality show because his kid did karate, his wife did arts and crafts and he was a doctor.
  2. Get on the Oprah show, even though it is no longer on the air.
  3. Client wanted a feature about this product in the New York Times, and was not content to be quoted in an article about his industry.
  4. Client submitted an interview script about their product for Matt Lauer to read on The Today Show.
  5. Hopeful artist exhibitor told an art gallery to replace their current collection with the photos he had on his iPhone.
  6. Client wanted to be told when their press release was distributed so they could “man the phones.”
  7. PR exec secured a Forbes article for a new client; the client was unhappy, as they couldn’t understand why they weren’t on the cover.
  8. Non-profit client wanted their PR exec to get Queen Noor on the phone and wanted NASA to help him build a time machine.
  9. Salvador Dali wanted an anteater to appear with him on a show (which the PR exec was able to do!).
  10. PR exec had to help a client’s tortoise get famous.

What was the craziest request you ever received or heard about – or even made yourself?


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