Branding With Social Media

Your professional FaceBook page, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter account, and your professional blog – and any other social media outlet you utilize – should all have similar tone and a similar graphical ‘look’. You may be reaching different audiences, but YOU are the same. Yes, slight differences are allowed, even expected. But, overall, there should be a cohesive feeling – visitors should visit your FaceBook page and recognize it as your company’s.

Some Basic Tips

  • Don’t use Twitter to tweet about your kids’ soccer practice if you also use it to tweet about your latest client. The same goes for FaceBook – if it’s a professional site, treat it as such. Don’t follow the path of this ‘wanker’.
  • Don’t use the standard Twitter background – customize it to utilize your colors or, better yet, your actual design elements.
  • Pick one item as your ‘core’, whether it’s your actual Web site or your blog, or anything else, and push to that from all your other areas.

Elementary, my dear Watson? Maybe. But we’ve all seen so many people do this wrong. A few who’ve gotten it right? McCormick & Co.’s Old Bay 70th Anniversary events. Black & Decker DeWalt Top 17 Finish Carpenters contest is another. They utilized various techniques cohesively, were fluid in their content and reactions, and attracted their core audience and then some.

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