10 Questions to Ask when Developing Social Media Strategy

Simply slapping together a FaceBook page, LinkedIn site, and a Twitter account does not a social media strategy make. Per Dr. Sean Carton’s article in InView!, following are ten questions to ask yourself when developing a social media strategy.

  1. What are we trying to accomplish?
  2. Why social media?
  3. What kind of social media will best help us achieve our goals?
  4. Are we prepared to let go control of our brand?
  5. What will we do to encourage participation? What are you planning on doing to drive people to your social media presence?
  6. Who will maintain our social media presence?
  7. Do we have the resource to keep this up, or will this be a short campaign?
  8. How does engaging users via social meda integrate into our overall marketing/communications strategy?
  9. How do we measure success?
  10. What will we do less of if we’re spending resources on social media?

All important questions, and all need to be answered when putting together your social media strategy plan.

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